Fuck you Xiaomi for creating MIUI, damn it's so bloated with non-removable adware to the level of extreme annoying. It Keeps popping up ads from creating a Folder to Playing a music.

Look at that screenshot. It even serve an ad in built in cleaner app, like What the fuck man?! For real? I already disable the serve ads option. But it keeps turning on.

I even messing with the Permission settings, doesn't even help.

I REALLY WANT TO MOVE TO LINEAGE OS SO BAD, but the warranty is on duration. I don't want to void it.

God, give me a patience for another 7 month.

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    I own a whyred. Get started with unlock application take a month or so
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    That's their business modal. They sell devices cheap to sell ads and services.
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    How to get rid off all the ads in MUI
    - Unlock bootloader
    - Flash TWRP
    - Flash custom ROM.

    Thank me later.
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    They use a domain to fetch ads, block it on your firewall, you'll be good
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    Best way is to not buy Chinese shit at first place. I'm sure it's filled all kinds of spyware too.
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    This should help you flash a custom ROM: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    @N0-Flux-Given *cough* Huawei *cough*
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    Either buy a phone where it won't bother you to flash custom ROM and void warranty, or buy a phone where original ROM doesn't have such crap. Seriously. You're no longer saving anything by buying Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, ... over Samsung, Apple, Motorola, ... because they all keep their prices within the same range. The real difference is that the latter pay attention to maintaining their customer base, while the former already know their customers will buy whatever "gearbest" brand is the shiniest at the moment, so they don't give a shit about you leaving them over intrusive ads.
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    Just flash MIUI back if you ever need warranty service.
    And AFAIK warranty is pretty much useless on every phone ever and just provided because of the law.
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    And after that shit you say that android is any good? Miss me with that shit, I’m never coming back
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    if (good experience && warranty) {
    } else if (good experience < warranty) {
    } else {
    Chinese phone
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    @jibberdev919 it has a year, besides iOS has a really good UI & UX
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    @err-occured a warranty on Apple Product? Sound Like Scam
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    @jibberdev919 every business has a cheeky warranty clause, it’s not just Apple, and it’s not just Apple that has a 1 year, LG does on its phones last time I checked
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    Xiaomi sells the phones by its original build price, and the earn from accessories and ads, you can't expect buying flagship level phone for a price of midrange..
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    @hitko maybe it's different in other countries and with newer models, but I'm fucking happy with my OnePlus and their customer service was great.
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    @hitko Huawei doesn't do shit like that. I have a p9 an a Samsung s9 and the ux is on the same level.
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    @echonox lol no. They are making profit.
    *They said all those words for just marketing stunts*. That's it.
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    Installed lineage in first month on redmi note4 , have never looked back
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    @raffaels-blog @J4s0n Yeah, instead Huawei is faking photos while promoting their phones - photoshoping out bezels, showing DSLR photos while implying they were made with their smartphones, ... And OnePlus's been collecting user data far beyond what smartphones usually collect.

    To be fair, by now almost every company's been involved in some kind of similar scandal; however there's a great difference in how companies respond, based on whether the company is focusing on brand loyalty, or on casual customers.
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    @hitko Samsung does fake well known benchmarks since for.
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    @err-occured can't disagree more on that if-else... Apple warranty is shit, they bother about your UX until new model is out. Android is broad and include Chinese phones. I, by myself, have a Chinese one, best phone ever had, no ads, really few apps preinstalled. Xiaomi just getting bigger and greedier, that is the problem.

    @echonox original build price? I am not really sure about that. That may have been a thing a while ago, but as they grew bigger, the price got higher too.
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    @J4s0n That was in 2013, everything I refereed to happened within the last 2 years, meaning affected devices are still mostly in use, in some cases you can even still find them in stores.
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    @wowotek Here is how you can turn them off. Basically every application where you see ads, have an option in their setting to show recommended contents. You need to toggle that off.
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