I’ve just talked to my cousin (24 yo) about smartphones, since I saw that he has an old phone and I asked him if he wanted to buy my old S6 (for reasonable price), he declined this offer moreover he said that he is not planning to change his current device. I was kinda shocked tbh how one can live like that (being online only when using PC), a while after that I realised that he was the one who was smart in this conversation, the one that does not get influenced by others in this matter. I wish I could live like that, when he is not available, he’s just not available. I mean this rant is not purely dev related, but, quite a lot of us here are maintaining some projects, maybe need to talk to managers after their work to make some decisions, doing some side projects. I know that we sort of agreed with those rules at the beginning, but don’t forget to stay offline for some time, especially now when holidays are coming and there will be occasions to spend some time with our families. Just a friendly reminder :)

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    I do have a smartphone but am also only available when I want, no notifications but text messages. Its really easy to do
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    @Codex404 I don’t know if it is that simple for me :D
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    I don’t understand what is weird by being not accessible.
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    @CoffeeNcode but do You want this feeling ? I was raised when computer was only at home in front of small tv. To watch something that was not produced by government you need videotape and money. There wasn’t such thing like internet and to get water we walked across road.
    Believe me or not I was happy kid.
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    @CoffeeNcode Disable popups in a time window. I often have my phone in airplane or silent mode and I check notifications on my terms. (I allow notifications only for certain apps and contacts to begin with.)

    If it's important, they try again. Most things aren't as important and they can wait a few hours to days.

    Just because I can be reached everywhere at anytime doesn't mean I must see this or react to it instantly.
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    @CoffeeNcode you know that you can mute everything on telegram, right?
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    I was using an old phone till it broke, but I prefer them. More secure and a lot simpler.
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    When I was a kid, you had to go over and knock at the door, when you wanted to meet a friend.
    Telefone was restricted, due to its high cost, but letters were always an option.
    When cell phones became more common, people suddenly assumed... No... Demanded a reaction time of three seconds, tops, when they sent an SMS.
    Smart Phones and the internet are great tools, and communication is much more convenient today.
    But don't let them rule you.

    I am with @jibberdev919 on this one. Create your own rules and live by them. It looks difficult at first, I went through this, too. But eventually people will accept that you answer when you see fit, and not because they demand that.
    They don't own you, and you owe them nothing.
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    @CoffeeNcode for android: SmartSoundProfiles. That app costs a few bucks, but really gets the job done.
    You can go on automatic silent mode after hours, and add filters for notifications being allowed to ignore that. They have a free trial version.
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    My bf doesn't have a smart phone and doesn't want one - although he sometimes uses mine to Google stuff when we are out.
    I'm very good at straight up ignoring my phone. It's on silent when I'm at home and I have headphones on most of the time. X)
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