Missed deadline , lost the job

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    Simple rule of law
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    🤷‍♂️ Well that's what happens
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    What the ...?

    I can not count the deadlines I missed the last ten years. And I still got the job.
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    @ddephor than you are in great company.
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    Fuck that job then. If you want to succeed, you have to treat companies like disposable things and let everyone know that you won’t hesitate going to another company whenever the fuck you want. And if you’ll be a nice pussy boy, they’ll treat you like a workhorse
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    @uyouthe lol they can't underestimate the power of developer
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    @ddephor still got the job? You mean still in the job ?
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    @devangbhuva97 yeah.. estimates come from the top and get revised at our dev level, I've never missed the opportunity to revise the shit out of it, it's never enough and top don't seem to take this into perspective for future features, so why bother ? At least no prob with my boss so far !
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    @devangbhuva97 boj eht tsol , enildaed dessiM
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