I feel so guilty.
I had to make a hotfix today. It is the ugliest piece of shit code I ever intentionally created. But there was no other way. I swear there was no other fucking way!

My boss just assigned this to me. But because she thinks this needs to be a hotfix and can't wait for the next release we just have to change the server and not the client side of our application.
So I had to add a memory to our server so that it knows from which high level method from the client the multiple low level calls to it are coming from.
It just doesn't make sense logically.

I mean I feel like I killed someone. And just so that we get less writes to our DB. I mean yes in some edge cases it is a huge speed-up...
But nothing this fix solves is a new bug.

I'm gonna take a shower now. For like an hour

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    Been there, done that.
    I always take a bath before going to work, that helps.. -.-
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    we've all been there, OP. There are days like that when you can't avoid having to do stuff like that. it sucks, but tomorrow will be better :)
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    It ain't dirty enuff
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    clean code with bugs vs. dirty code that works..
    when those are the only feasible options picking the latter sounds sensible
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