Beer at work is great


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    Cheers to that! Had beers and a barbecue not so long ago at work!
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    At the previous place we often drank tequila & gin at 10am. We were tipsy the whole day. That happens when you have an alcoholic as your boss. Was fun at first but actually alcohol sucks.

    iaf skål! 🍻
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    It's a novelty that wears off quickly, for me. Whenever I've had a beer at the office, I've wound up thinking that if I'm having a beer, the office is one of the last places I'd want to be while I drink it.
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    We had allowed one beer per person when we were camping with our teacher. That was indeed a nice day.

    Had some beer while sitting around fire. Best day in school. But yes only classmates who are over 18 were allowed the beer.
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    It did not seems like a good idea, one person got waaaay to many and fell asleep somewhere. And he triggered the alarm just now
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