Creating a cluster with shared storage in Proxmox

Once you've learned how to configure a single Proxmox host and Linux and Windows guests, the next step is to expand...

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No TechTarget, how about you go fuck yourself? As if anyone is going to register just to read one fucking article on your goddamn shitty site. Fucking wanketeering dickheads.

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    Lol, proxmox wiki instead of a stupid 3rd party crap
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    @Linux to be fair, the proxmox wiki is incomplete and outdated
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    @Linux @mjones44 I've strolled around the Proxmox wiki beforehand, but found it a bit lacking in terms of usability.. perhaps the Arch Wiki got me a bit spoiled ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
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    @Condor yeah. overall though I highly recommend proxmox. I got recommend proxmox from someone here, can't remember who.
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    @Condor arch wiki can make you spoiled yes! True dat
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    @Condor how did arch wiki made you spoilt?

    Didn't get you?

    You mean because Arch wiki is well detailed?
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    @gitlog exactly! The level of care taken by the authors of the Arch Wiki may have gotten me spoiled to the point where I expect every wiki to be as good as that.
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