Motherfucking website style JavaScript rant ahead.

Just tried to register some travel tickets, at FlixBus. Of course alternatively I could go for a train but those would be more expensive. So yeah.

Turns out that the website loads JavaScript from 20 domains including 3 required CloudFront ones (those are the most annoying because it's not possible to tell by the domain what it would be doing). But alright, I'll take it. Web 3.0 amirite?

So I go and find myself a nice bus, add it to my cart.. oh shit it's the wrong one. Change some parameters, hit return.. well guess what. Turns out that in all their JavaScript glory they couldn't implement that much. Awesome!

Go to another site to get another ticket for my travel back, only to find out that while they couldn't implement return, their webdevs are apparently skilled enough to get a giant boner on blinking "(1) Almost ready!" in the site's title, when changing to another tab and there happens to be stuff in the cart. Do you really think I care about that shit! Don't distract me and let me get my shit done!!!

So, to all you webdevs who would pull something like this and wank on it too. Guess what motherfucker. That purchase got cancelled through the power of JavaScript wank, because there's no way I'm supporting that dystopian junk. Guess what, when people shell out money at your shitty online shop, they may want a quarter-ass decent UX too. And no notifications or any of that wank, you hear me?

But yeah fucking Web 3.0!!! Give me a fucking break.

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    I really think some poor devs and designers were forced by marketing/sales overlords to implement that
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    @alexbrooklyn hmm, now that you mention it.. maybe
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    The site of the Deutsche Bahn is not much better. While the most script origins are from CDNs of the DB, it is only possible to do one action at the same time:
    Once you e.g. open the Bonus Card page, the ticket search page will reset and vise versa.

    My energy provider also has one of the worst websites: The actual site is in an iframe - and it has to be in an iframe.
    Every change on the page, both sites (parent and frame) reload, thus it is impossible to see error messages for more than .2 seconds.
    The registration page has a password limit of 20, the login page has not. Some special characters are escaped at registration, but are not in the login form...
    It took me 45 minutes to register and successfully login.
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    Blame it on the client that requested these features.
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    Normally when I mention things like this, everyone else says they never have any issues and its just me..

    So, here is where all the 'just me' folk hang out. :-)

    My current pet peve is trying to order something online when it says they do deliver to the isolated rock of an island I live on, and then finding out days later, no they don't...

    Now if they could just update their databases like once in 10 years, I mean, its not like the island in Lost, it doesn't keep moving around !
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    Flixbus is a cringe of a company by itself. Still remember when I went to their office at main bus station in Zagreb because I couldn't refund their ticket due to some online error, and they said they can't do that from any kind of backoffice and that I should just simply wait for error to go away and do it by myself. That actually took several days..
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    If your simple mostly static web page isnt using 10 gigabytes of node vue and whatever the new buzzword is, react? libraries to work youre a boomer and should retire
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    Reminds me of a smart ticket I had, which failed..

    No problem, just take it to the nearest ticket office with a support desk and they will give you a new one..

    And just how do you get there when the buses don't take cash..

    Why you walk practically 10 miles of course. :-)

    So, always have at least two. :-)

    And check it doesn't automatically cancel itself if you don't use it for 12 months...
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    I was looking at a webpage earlier that used 7Gb in 64bit Firefox before I grew tired to waiting to see the rest of it !

    Hold on, I'll get it so you can see how much of it you can view before your browser starts to wig out from the stress !

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    What do expect from outsourced developers at 10$/hour?
    Probably in India and probably they didn’t even understand requirements. If “back” button wasn’t defined in specs, of cause it is not working !
    What a surprise!

    Separate note : Talking from experience. I was once “delivered” a web form app with height and width set to … 0. Why ? Because the requirement didn’t specify that “window should actually be visible”
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    More than half of the web is just CRUD anyway.

    I don't know why people need to make everything so complicated.
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