I went to get groceries yesterday, and it was raining but not hard. No big deal.

So when I pull back into the parking lot at my apartment complex, a large metal object catches my eyes.

"Holy shit I think that's a computer! I better run grab it and get inside to see if I can salvage anything!!"

So I park and run over to it. I get a few yards away from it and see what it actually was..... Someone's nasty ass broken microwave.

I got so excited and it all came crashing down after a few seconds

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    @FrodoSwaggins speaking of getting a cheap ass computer....
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    @irene Not worth it lol

    I wanted something that was basically plug and play, maybe do a bit of hardware replacement and troubleshooting, but nothing extremely difficult 😂😂
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    @Stuxnet well, if you think about it, Microwave is king of PnP
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    Free magnetron my dude
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    You can take some parts out of it and use it for future projects. Make sure not to be a messi tho.
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    Lolz, looks like I got you with the good’ol microwave on the corner trick...
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- It's exam season. I don't have time to take apart electronic devices lol
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    @Stuxnet same here, but you can still let it stay somewhere in your house and dissect it when your exam phase is over.
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    Ni🅱️, send that microwave to me! I've actually been trying to actually buy an old microwave for just the components inside. There's a high power, high voltage step-up transformer in there (230V-2kV or 120V-2kV, depending on where you live), a big fat high voltage capacitor, a magnetron and some other stuff.

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