Well shit.

Language features-wise Rust has a great edge over its main competitor(which seems to be Golang even though they can't really be competitors)

Rust has a better package manager with Cargo.

It also has better documentation. It also has

Wait for it...


A better website and a non retarded looking mascot.


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    I'll give you 10 seconds to run,
    Then I'll be after you with a baseball-bat.
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    @metamourge thats fine sweetness come at me with a sword if you want.

    This is Texas. You gon drop dead before you can swing it.
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    hey no violence on devRant!
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    @AleCx04 Pretty sure there's a lotta places other than Texas that would happen lol... *Cough* Chicago *cough*
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    Another one writes in Rust. And another one writes.. Another one writes. Another one writes in Rust :D
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    This one song was in my head all day long, now I see it here. I'm turning crazy.
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    Also, about which features do we talk ?
    I'm a bit curious, since I also want to learn rust, when I've got some free time.
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    I think your total ++ is a valid POSIX file mode (14777)

    edit: you are a setuid named pipe with all permissions enabled for all users
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    I like Rust and the new website is great, buuuuut they have the worst name.
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