A coworker of mine has made hash brownies...

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    I like brownies
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    I like brownies, I like hash browns and I think we mean different things when I say hash brownies 😂
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    Well, the md5 ones were the first ones to run out... We're still stuck with a few HMAC, so I suppose those are the most secure.
    HR dropped by earlier, they didn't get the joke about hash brownies... So naturally, they wanted their share of Ganja.
    Now I'm stuck with designing an understandable Crypto 101 course for them (and some other non technical departments).
    And one on home growing. Which I know nothing about, of course.
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    Finally a pun that you can eat. What a time to be alive!
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    Sorry but I am unable to decrypt the joke :/
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    I hope he didn't salt them... 😝

    Jokes aside this is awesome! So awesome I immediately saved it because I HAVE to show people.

    Then I realised the only people I know who would get it are on devrant 😫
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    So did they actually contain any "herbs" or not?
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    @d4ng3r0u5 nope, no herb inside them 😢
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    I guess DSA were obsolete and therefore support was discontinued
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