All the Jeff Bezos and Pichai fanboys aside .. we really should appreciate Nadella for the work he has done with the mess left by the Steve Ballmer .. 🤔 especially with all the developments now .. visual studio code , GitHub embracing the open source market and understanding Microsoft's customer , market trends and what a true consumer product is. What say ?

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    Depends on your perspective. As a desktop application developer (esp. WPF), I have felt completely abandoned by the VS and other dev related MS teams. Not to mention that the increased release cadence for VS has left me with the perception that the product is buggier (I have to restart VS multiple times a day), and the quality has suffered greatly. So much so that I feel that I am being forcibly pushed away from using MS dev products and services after a whole career of considering them the best available. That is obviously not the perspective of an MS shareholder (they are probably much happier).
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    Isn't Jeff a known huge piece of shit?
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    @Stuxnet I don't know if he's a "bad" person, but I have read that he's one of those people that thinks if you don't subscribe to his way of thinking, living, doing, then you are beneath his notice. He's always right. He sounds unbearable to work for.
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    Fuck them all.
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    @vane that's the spirit bud
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    @monkeyboy exotically dangerous career choice.
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    @monkeyboy Nobody is always right, because we are only humans, we die and after people die they can’t defend themselves. The same is with people who are not present... called sometimes gossip.
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    @monkeyboy you must have a pc or plugin issue? It is thinner than Atom and also runs on electron. https://electronjs.org/docs/...
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    Microsoft developed typescript. Most javascript frameworks use that. They are moving IE to use chromium javascript engine. They support containers for lxde, docker, and wsl (Windows subsystem for linux). Even sql server runs on linux (huge April fools joke that popped up many times).

    There is just so much to count. Of course, ibm, google, amazon, and Facebook are all this way. Each has their own AI framework, javascript framework, ...

    Come to think of it. It is really just a huge push towards the cloud.

    Load balancing with the cloud: good.
    Going full cloud: same as going full retard in tropic thunder.
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    @vane that was the point being made. He's saying Jeff Bezos sees himself that way.
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