What Vue framework would you suggest for cross platform mobile apps? Sadly, I don't really have the time to learn nativescript.

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    >vue framework

    Gee guys which spring boot framework i should use i wonder
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    @ganjaman Yeah, sorry, but that's what I need. Can't always do it properly from the bottom up
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    Ionic 4 has alpha support for hybrid mobile apps. Not sure if it's what you need, and it's _alpha_, but it's there
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    If you know Vue and have already a codebase, getting into NativeScript is pretty easy, especially if you write Vue in TS rather than plain JS.

    Anyway, there's no way to avoid certain mobile/platform specific matters. but this is true independently from your tech stack
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    @Avyiel I'll look in to it. Thanks :)

    @thatsnotnice I actually read up on it on the bus to work. Doesn't seem to hard!
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    Did you ever thought about making it a progressive web app ? It got some restrictions but it's also very easy to make
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    @J4s0n Yes that was actually my initial plan. Though I'd like it to adapt to iOS and Android so that the design language speaks to the user.
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    @ScriptCoded ionic is it probably
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    @J4s0n Two saying that now :) Thanks
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