So, if you were supposed to work on a website that is already pretty shitty coded, shitty styled and outdated... Would you go on coding like shit for the sake of consistency or would you embed a new mini-system in it trying to pay some fucking respect to everything you have learned?
Edit: in this scenario, you can actually make a choice haha

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    1 file at a time... rewrite that fucker.
    Well that’s me next year for my new project 😭
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    I think I can't rewrite it and work on the development at the same time haha.
    It fucking uses a js function to replace the content of a div with big chunks of html and more js, obtained through a post call.
    It's the first time I've seen anything this ugly. It even hurts my feelings just by looking at it.
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    I’m working on this shit as my current project, trying my best not to kill myself
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    Point out that everything should be rebuild, if they ignore it just make an effort to make what you add good.

    I'm in a daily fight with me trying to refactor the whole fucking ERP we use, but I can't, so I just add my nice code to it.
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    @devTea hang in there. We're too young to commit suicide out of frustration.
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    @jonii thanks for the reassuring. I'll do that. I hope I can start with the rewriting process in about a week or so
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