Can someone explain to me why there are 10M+ downloads for CentOS from docker?

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    because every docker container builds from a base except for a select few. (CentOS, Ubuntu, Alpine, other "OS" containers) so these are generally great starting points from which to build on.

    I usually use the centos when I'm playing around trying to figure out how I want to make my containers.
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    @deadPix3l ngex and node.js also have 10m+. I wonder how many people are using docker
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    @sunfishcc I don't have numbers for you but... a lot! it's one of the most popular data center technologies. and if you spend enough time with it you'll see it's pretty amazing. especially when you combine with things like rancher or k8s
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    I know there's at least a couple of development teams in our company as well as some teams in our IT which use it. Particularly in some of our automation we use it.
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