Ok, so google asked me to remove SEND_SMS and RECIEVE_SMS permission from my app before January 9th, 2019 or I should remove my app from play instead. F***ing Great.

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    Are you sending SMS’s? If no, WHY ask for those permissions?

    If yes.. WHY are you sending messages?
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    RECIEVE_SMS for verifying Otp. And SEND_SMS for our short messages service which come handy incase there is no internet.
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    @irene they didn't. Just a plain simple email asking to remove those permissions and some api which i should use instead for RECEIVE_SMS. I am currently reading DOCS for those API.
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    Usually they've been doing that when other alternative APIs which can function similarly are available but pose less security risks.
    I know they have been now letting you send responses to justify why you need it and what you're using it for. If it's for a creative reason and/or necessary then they will accept it, but it's always case-by-case.
    Good luck!
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    Can you tell which api?
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    @happypotter sms retriever api which need google play services. Not all devices use google play services, i think.
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    @twistedvip for OTP, yes they have sms retriever api. For sending sms, no. They are asking to send it through intent. Mean user must select send.
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