This is from my personal experience. I've been working on an Android app, I'm a web developer tho. I don't have much experience in java but just watching a decent YouTube tutorial and getting the source code to play with, helped me more than I had hoped for.

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    Why not buy a tutorial from udemy? You buy it once, (they are always on sale) and then own it for the rest of your life! Most importantly, you can do it in your own pace.
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    @Fantomias that's not how it works!! That's not how any of this works!!

    I do agree with you on buying a tutorial from udemy, you'll get to support the creator as well. But, in reality, considering you're also a fellow programmer, you definitely will encounter countless errors everyday. Now, tell me are you going to buy a tutorial for every error that you encounter? You must have that kind of money to spend. Apart from this, even if you bought tutorial from ubemy, you're not going to get all the necessary info you need, you could encounter some error depending upon your OS, your environment setup and what not. And eventually you'll end up looking for solution on YouTube or stack overflow.

    I might consider paying the youtuber who help me solve the problem before asking the money.

    This is not to offend you in any way, you're a fellow developer and I respect your opinion.
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    True what you said, all of it! Please consider, that errors like that, may come up both on source code from YouTube tutorials and udemy ( or other similar websites). I thought the post was about creating software, rather than troubleshoot it.

    Therefore I'm sincerely sorry!

    Cheers mate!
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