A lot of brainwashed people dont care about privacy at all and always say: "Ive got nothing to hide, fuck off...". But that is not true. Any information can be used aginst you in the future when "authorities" will release some kind of Chinas social credit system. Stop selling your data for free to big companies.


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    I have a bad feeling that something big will happen soon and we as people will loose freedom as it is now. We have to fight, dont feed these money-gathering freaks.
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    I kind of agree with you. Its scary how much is collected on us. Sometimes collected data can be a good thing though. Stopping potential security risks and helping people find friends and family they lost. The problem is the company's that collect that data. They have no intention to use it for good. And use it as a weapon for generating wealth.
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    Also someone recently suggested this. Those ancestry dna tests are for making a dna database. And selling to the highest bidders. Now Thats a scary thought.
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    You may have nothing to hide, but in the same mind set, you shouldn't talk to the police without an attorney since anything can and WILL be used against you.
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    @skprog If it can be done without consequences, consider it done.
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    There's still consequences to trying to take the world over... We saw that in 1939

    And now there's nukes.

    I'm not too worried about a global shift that takes everything over and we lose it all.

    I'm more worried about 2118, when, that shift happened so gradually, nobody complained.
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