random rant:

as much as I like manjaro, and antergos is very nice looking, and sometimes arch bang is just easy and good:

they are not arch. yes they are arch-based. but you are not an arch user. you are a manjaro/antergos user. please do not call yourself arch users. and especially do not ask questions in the arch forums. all of these arch-based distros have their own forums for a reason.

that is all...

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    thats not very true... antergos is mainly just an installer for arch. Manjaro on the other side got its own repos...
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    Oh, I found an r/gatekeeping in the wild *-*

    Seriously tho, what is it with the Arch circlejerk, never really got it. Installed Arch on a spare laptop once and it was 'meh'
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    @bofh1337 @theKarlisK I admit I've admired antergos but haven't used it (while I have used manjaro a fair amount). I will concede that antergos is just an installer.

    my real point was: if you are asking for help with an issue, it's assumed that you know from the list of relevant files, which ones were changed, which packagss installed, etc. with installers and the like this isn't true. it makes some easy decisions for you, decisions which are made for all antergos users and is more predictable.

    again I'm not bashing antergos, it looks great. I just meant that it does some things for you (which is fine. arch is a pain in the ass.), and if you want help, mentioning that it's antergos will provide the context that those things were done to your machine.
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