90% of my time at work is spent debugging and fixing a horrible mess of years-old legacy spaghetti. The only "real" coding I do is my personal hobby projects at home.

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    Welcome aboard the motivation killer train!

    I'm stuck at this dreadful task list I have no idea how to dig through it. I'm opening the files for the past two days and wandering off the moment I see the code.

    Help! :(
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    I've been doing that for long enough that it's like my baby.
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    Same here. I have a client for which I code, among others for which I do sysadmin stuff. This client takes almost all of my time only because they use shitty old technology and every time I have to add a new feature it messes up the rest of the spaghetti. The only *real* code I do is for a side project where I can use current paradigms, design patterns, code conventions, unit testing and other stuff they should be using at their crappy project.
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