Just remember, if someone ever makes a colony on Mars, you may have to support their timezone in your applications. And their day is longer, so a simple offset from UTC won’t do....

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    Also, devRant would need to introduce green skin colour.
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    Oh God. That alone is reason enough not to expand into the rest of the universe. No problemo, we'll just huddle together when the sun burns out, no need to complicate time any further 😬
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    @ihatecomputers It's pretty improbable that our species will make it anywhere close to seeing the sun burn out. We are what, 200,000 years or so old, and that's nothing. Other species had made it for much longer than that and still died out, even without JavaScript frameworks.
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    @Fast-Nop I was reading and going “yeah, yeah, yeah”, then got to the end. ++
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    Timezone? They'd need their own Martian calendar.
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    I think actually, based on the lunar missions, the time would be a simple UTC (Zulu) with no offset. Circadian rhythm being what it is, a Mars station would probably keep to a 24-hour clock, since sunrise/sunset have no meaning in a windowless world. Time keeping would be Terran Time. Depending on how far humanity actually makes it from this mudball, a standard time would be relevant anywhere in the solar system or to infinity and beyond, and UTC from the home-world would probably be it.
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    I'd like to happen that on earth prior to mars. Kill the summer and wintertime. Kill Timezones. Every place on earth should simply have the same time. Yeah that would mean midnight at 10:00 for some places but who cares? Is it really that important that night is always 0:00? Shifttime workers manage to mentally shift their night to other times. Image how much pain we would save to the humany by eliminating the need for time zones and other bullshit.
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    I bet they would use east time.
    Is there a 'universal space time' like in scyfy movies?

    Found this, there is a way to translate Mars time to terrestrial time
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    @mundo03 I don't believe in universal space time - (quantum?) physics doesn't allow for it - time dilation being what it is.
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    Guys, applications don't really need to care! There are system calls for that.
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    @Sefie Just use the reference frame of the cosmic microwave background 🙂
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    And has anybody thought about how we would handle that 8min latency in our AJAX calls?
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    @Sefie well yes, but I do think there is a need for some standard if we are going to have people on different parts of the universe, regardless of how they experience time
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    I honestly doubt we’d even bother and would just declare a “Sol time” standard and be done with it.

    Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if we end up just using GMT or UTC everywhere.
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