Scheduled an interview with a company regarding a frontend position, everything seemed perfect until I actually got on my way to head to their office.

They didn't have the address of their office anywhere, it wasn't listed on google maps, their own website didn't have any information on where their office is.

I tried calling them / emailing but they didn't respond until like 5 hours after the interview should have taken place.

So I didn't even get to the testing part.

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    You're suppose to whois their domain to get the office. That's the first test
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    Just walk in casually and tell them "Sorry I'm a bit late". Don't forget to look really serious when you say that.
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    But how did you get in contact with them in the first place to schedule an interview?

    I don't really believe that there was zero information about the location of the company. As far as I know in most countries there is some sort of public register where companies are in, including address and owner. Except for really small ones or self-employed maybe.
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    @PonySlaystation We were in contact over email. I applied via a job posting on a 3rd party job posting website and provided my email there.

    Yes, you would think that there should be an address somewhere, and there wasn't one. That's the entire point of the rant. :)
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