People with "I am a senior, only I have to be right" mindset are really fustrating to work it.
It is not that hard to accept the truth. No one can be right all the time and no one gonna look down on you for that. You don't have to shove off-topic stuffs down the other people's throat when you realize you might be wrong.

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    I am senior, prove me wrong!
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    @C0D4 i didn't mean everyone. I have met many great ones before.
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    @But-you-do-IT ah, sorry you missed the joke in that.

    Seniors should be more then open to debate and alternatives from others. Whether they think they are right or not.
    Ultimately it’s at the seniors digression usually for the final say, but they don’t have to be dicks about it.
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    In my view Seniors have their place in any team. They are usually the old dogs who have a lot of experience and knowledge.

    Unfortunately many seniors don't realise that their teams have as much knowledge as themselves when taken as a group. If your struggling, a senior will point you hopefully in the right direction and that should be their job as senior - as mentors, teachers and as an extra set of eyes for those knotty problems you just can't tease out yourself.

    As a senior developer myself in my current role, I would hate to lay down the law and say to my other colleagues that they have to do something my way. If they get stuck or are unsure or asking for guidance, I would then venture my opinion on how to go about a task, but it would just be that - how I would approach the problem if I were sat in their shoes.

    Sorry about the longer post than I originally intended to post by hey...
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