I hate interviews that asks me to write code on paper.

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    We are all slaves of IDEs!
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    @irene i know. any laptop will do. even my phone can suffice. but no phones during interview of course.
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    @irene i guess they don't want the candidates to google answers to their stupid tests.
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    And the most lame one requires you to code in spoken language.
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    @kremizi wth did I just read
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    Universities do that way more often than they should. At least they dont take points for missing semicolons but you need to remember methodnames and parameter lists..

    I once had an exam where they asked what new methods are introduced in a java standard lib class which extends am interface compared to that interface (it was maybe the List interface and ArrayList) and you had to know the methods, parameterlist and what they do. In a subject which doesnt have practice lessons or labs only theorical lessons, and on top of that the subject should be about architecture and design patterns...
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    @Nanos Maybe their private parts have better IQ than their brain so they cheat xD
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    They tend to not think about their actions.

    But that's odd. I ranted about written code on paper. Why are we talking about gender and low IQ all of a sudden? 😁
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    But those handwritten ones can look so cute:

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    @irene Dunno, maybe only practice. My math prof would write his equations on blackboard with chalk accurately like LaTeX, but at a speed twice as ours while even explaining the stuff.
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    @irene Sure. Probably not that useful anymore. Today better have some thorough typing lessons? (Handwriting skills in decline. - Still I like to keep my Pelikan pen.)
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    @irene *responds with another (lame) xkcd reference https://xkcd.com/397/ *
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