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Question : Is there an open sourced PHP solution between Wordpress and Laravel?

- I do not want full framework like laravel for such simple website.
- Laravel is too much and heavy for standard corporate websites and not all clients can afford ssh-enabled servers.
- I do not want full CMS features like plugins, themes, etc from Wordpress.
- Wordpress themeing is not super difficult but also not as simple as Laravel's blades.
- I also don't wanna go static since the content update needs to be dynamic.
- I am willing to write own templates, CRUDs in minimal approach just for specific parts based on clients requirements.
- I want something that can easily host on shared hosting. (do not have to worry about composer and ssh)

Any thought?

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    I have experienced with Slim in the past and abandoned it after I found Laravel. Maybe I should pick it up again.
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    @hash-table I have ended up with WordPress because of that. I have tried pretty much everything out there CMS-wise monstra, simple, Drupal, etc etc.

    I think I'm just tired of unnecessary features of WordPress 🤔 and at the same time, lazy to create something on my own and use it for all my clients.
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    OctoberCMS, its a cms build on laravel for developers.
    Or use the small laravel thing (forgot the name)
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    @Codex404 lumen?

    won't it need ssh access for composer and stuff? does it suitable for shared-hosting?
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    @cursee you can run it locally and use sftp to put it there if needed
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    @Codex404 @hash-table

    "slim vs lumen" is probably my next rant-question. haha.

    After all, I guess I will end up writing a small cms-like app with CRUD for users, posts, pages, settings, media at the backend.

    Frontend will be custom-made for each project depending on client's needs.
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    I would look at some tools for frameworks for pre built dashboards. Examples would include Voyager for laravel or the API platform for symfony.
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    @psion1369 I'm using Voyager and it made me come up with this question.

    For a regular small website, voyager and laravel itself is still overkill. The functions are just enough. And laravel and shared hosting doesn't play well 😣

    @alexThunder oh Grav. I have checked it out in the past and forgotten it. Thanks. Might have to give it a try again.
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