It's hard to grow professionally as a remote jr dev, I wish I had coworkers to talk to/get mentor-ship from in person 😓

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    Just because you aren't sitting in an office with people around doesn't mean you can't grow, or even that you're stunted. In fact, it's pretty freeing. I wish I had more time for personal projects and open source tinkering; it's those projects that really help me grow not only as a person but as a programmer.

    You meet a lot of good people by modding and tinkering. Ask around here if you're down, I'm certain someone is doing something you'd never dreamed of! :D
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    you've got the internet and a little more time to learn than you do if you'd sit in an office.

    great sites to learn new stuff
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    @heyheni @noobtube And if you have some cash to spend on something, spend it on a Pluralsight subscription. So much good content on there for developers and creatives of all kinds.
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    @velian @noobtube well actually you don't even need to spend for Pluralsight...last I checked making a (free) Microsoft dev account got you two months of Pluralsight for free. Just keep on making those accounts lol
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