Many people told me that all my face expressions look pretty the same. Whatever my mood (angry, happy, surprised) there is no much difference that appears in my face.

Well I didn't believe them until I tested a "Facial Emotion" program written on Python, and it gives me ~almost~ all the time that my facial expression is: Neutral.

Well, I think the algorithm is not well implemented 😐

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    Same here. On the plus side, I play a mean game of Texas hold em.
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    You're in good company. Sergio Leone once said that Clint Eastwood only had two facial expressions: with hat and without hat.
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    @irene people like us will make AI more difficult then 😬
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    On the other end of the scale my emotions are never a mystery. People always know it if they've pissed me off, as much as I try to hide it πŸ™„ wish I could borrow some blankness.
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    @Elyz I find that cute
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    My father always shows his thoughts through facial expressions like sarcasm and such and gets mad like a little bitch when I confront him
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    @lazyDev unfortunately it makes group work at uni difficult, because my group mates can tell when I want to strangle them with their own intestines 😬
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    Some coworkers and friends I knew asked me why am I always mad. Actually I am not. One said he was afraid starting conversation with me at first because he thought I was angry.
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