Also a big “fuck you” to whoever decided under any circumstance holding the power button down on a computer case meant anything other than shut this mother fucker all the way down and try the fuck again.

Gahhh. When I hold the power button I don’t what you to sleep, I want you to die! I’m electronically smothering your bitch ass. When I’m holding down the power button to restart, the computer should feel like it’s being waterboarded! Like these may be it’s last moments on Earth if it doesn’t act right and get in compliance! No it’s not nap time, it’s time to shut up or shut down...forever!

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    This is my favourite rant of the week. I can relate so hard.
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    Favorite by far.
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    Ahh this is because you can change it in bios! I hate when sombody changes power button behavior to fire a nuke... that is why i agree with you power button should => immidiate shutdown.
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    Why does man change things that already work just fine? I've got 2 laptops:

    Lenovo keyboard is almost ok...but then someone decided that swapping ctrl and Fn keys was a great idea. Now 50% of time my copy/pastes go to shit.

    HP laptop has to ctrl button in the right place. But some twat moved the ' character on top of the Enter-key. So every time I write something in English, I hit the Enter instead of ' and the message is sent. The messages look like: "Hi! I didn"
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    This should be the first step to any computer builds.

    Once you install the OS, change the power button behaviour.

    Even cold boots take less than a minute these days, why do they keep doing this!
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    This is an absolutely top quality rant
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    Can we get a devRant gold button for quality?
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    Did they change it from "hold 5 sec to turn off" to something else?
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