Do you have the feeling sometimes that programming is not what you wanna do but that you just do it cause it’s the closest to what you really enjoy?

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    All the time lately 🙃
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    Now that you say it, yeah, sadly...
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    Only when I have to do the parsing work in the university. Thank god Java Spring Boot and JPA do all the parsing for me so I can concentrate on things I love
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    Yes. But I seem to like no other fucking thing in the world, so no
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    @asgs yeah, that’s the fucking problem..

    Only thing I could imagine would be to be a part of SG1 and walk through the stargate to find technologies on other planets..

    But seriously.. being a part of something big would be great, but just writing code to make a rich company even more rich is not the real deal..
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    When you struggle day and night with your code ignoring food, friends and family. Then when all hope is lost and you begin to question the point of your existence. Suddenly u get the output, you figure out the bug, your app starts running, that millisecond of happiness is the most truest form of joy that you will ever see in your life. That's what its all about.
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