I just failed the same maths module for the second time
At this point after working really hard and even getting a private tutor I really think I'm not cut out for this shit.I just don't know what to do right now.

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    IMO learning math is for everyone, no matter who you are. It's just a sequential process, and sometimes if you miss a small step somewhere, you'll find it impossible to proceed any further. Maybe you just need to look back and review the basics.
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    You by need math for most of the things. You need it to get a degree, for nothing else. I got kicked for the math, yet I'm better dev than plenty of my friends who graduated.
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    you failed 2 times

    i fucking failed 7 times electronics and passed on 8th try

    i fucking failed algebra 6 times and passed on 7th try

    i fucking failed math analysis 1 (calculus 1) 5 times and passed 6th time

    i fucking failed math analysis 2 (calculus 2) at least 9 or 10 times, passed on i dont even know what try

    i fucking failed probability and statistics at least 4-5 times, still didnt pass it

    and spilled blood and went through pain and agony and fire and hell almost joined satanic cults and experienced trauma over the period of 2 years to do pass these time wasting exams

    and you fuckin complain about 2 triieesss

    get the fuck out
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    @SukMikeHok you proved you ultimately can break the wall with your head. Was it worth it? 🙄
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    @mt3o ...mmmh as much as i dont want to admit, Yes it was worth it but let me tell you why

    i always used to be a pussy for everything prior. in life in general. such as being scared to learn complex stuff. scared to approach girls. been awkward. lonely. but still studying not-so-hard-stuff.

    these exams have shaken me mentally. broke me mentally. transformed me into another person, a person filled with aggression from so much failure, so i got use to failure now, to the point that i am mad as fuck about not succeeding, dont give a fuck if i will fail anymore, now i aggressively (but peacefully) do everything i listed above and plenty more stuff, even in life in general. i still do struggle but i am no longer scared of failing and that is a transformation that only high quality colleges do to you. IF you have not done this to yourself, by yourself before, go to college, because college will do it for you
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    @SukMikeHok i get your point, but disagree :)
    You can gain that kind of experience everywhere else, without putting your education and finances at risk. I don't know how it looks where you live, but in my case I had to spend quite a lot money. Repeating courses is pricey.

    It's way safer to visit specialist, either if it is a psychoterapist or a pickup artist, if you suck at picking up girls, for the matter.
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