Wish Microsoft would open-source their secret UWP file explorer because even though it's terrible, they're doing things I can't figure out.

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    They should open source entire windows if they won't stop talking about how much they love open source.
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    @xzvf And now we introduce Windows free.

    We love open source so much that we open sourced Windows.

    You can contribute or not. (Not reccomended)

    And as a bonus to your commit you will get bleach sent to you so that you can bleach out your eyes from the horrible code you have seen in our kernel.
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    And with free shipping.
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    There must be some C language interop calls
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    @CozyPlanes I sure fucking hope not.
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    What are they doing that you can't figure out?
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    @M3m35terJ05h A couple things. I think it's because I'm using System.IO and perhaps they aren't. There's this weird issue where I can't get file info from files in the root of a drive, and they seem to be able to access files in c:\Program Files whereas I cannot
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    @AlgoRythm sounds like permission issues. Program files is supposed to be locked down so you need to be running as admin to do anything. I'm guessing explorer has some special secret permission to run as admin without the uac prompt or it's talking to some system process. Or maybe you need to do something to say you only want to read there
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    @AlgoRythm it is
    Uwp is locked down, you can't really access to system files directly unless you run some background service in nother language and make calls with that and your uwp app somehow...(just my random thoughts)
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    Or, like it was said, it uses native system calls, not that weird uwp sandboxing contraption. That's most probable.
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