I always try but I'm social as hell and a beer lover so that mostly turns into laptop etc being pushed aside in favor of friends, music and beer. 😅

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    Sad, but true. I didn't work on any private project since I got my job last year.
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    @Forside Oh I did, currently have about 5-6 side projects.

    This is only with going on vacation 😅
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    @linuxxx That said, titles are still too dark and what about that string(0)? 😄
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    @Forside Debugging thingy I never took down and yes, have too many projects right now 😅
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    We can work until we die. But we can't have fun moments with friends after they die :3

    I rarely go vacation but when I do, I don't even read tech articles 😆
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    This is so relatable! But on the other hand I love to improve my skills in non dev IT fields or write some kind of fancy feature for a pet project if I get to it...
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    I'm the exact opposite 😅
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