Why is perl soo notorious? and why do people hate it. Like I'm a networking guy and sys admin and I like to write scripts and it's really handy. Though it annoys sometimes but it still helps.

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    I haven't looked at it closely enough but it's definitely better than Ruby :)

    Fuck Ruby tbh
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    @filthyranter programmers with Ruby and perl hates themselves too 😂😂
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    Much of perls reputation comes from the heavy use of regex which most find very hard to understand.
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    @Voxera that's because they're not real Devs.
    A real Dev might not be great with regex, but they wouldn't hate on a language over it!
    Perl was a great language, when I worked on things built with it, it was nice!
    Probably same issue as Java, some don't get it, and have problems that wouldn't be obvious in other languages, so they blame the language, when it's their shit code that is at fault.
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    Perl's great: I still use it.
    I don't understand the hate either, tbh.

    A common criticism is that Perl is a write-only language. But when you have seen enough obscure and depraved C++ and Fortran code, this criticism wears thin.
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    @halfflat yeah, *all* languages can be written that way, Perl can be used to construct well structured projects as well as most other languages...
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