I hate CSS with passion.

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    Well! You don't have to love it, you just have to use it. Even SASS, Compass, LESS, etc. all interpretes or compiles to CSS.
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    It's a needlessly complicated thing.

    Seriously, why is it it that my code(that I have verified and is correctly written), doesn't apply styles as needed?

    And why is it that a single picture can fuck up everything just like in Microsoft Word?

    Responsive websites are going to be my enemies, aren't they?
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    When I rule the world I've got a few things at the top of my list to decree.

    1. Pocket equality.
    2. CSS will be replaced. JS will be replaced. Brand new web stack.
    3. More cats.
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    @OfficerHalf I will assassinate you if you remove JS >:(
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    4. No assassinating the supreme leader over a language designed in a week and bandaged into a workable state for 20 years.

    Don't worry, it will be a few more years before I assume power.
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    @vojb still the best representation of css
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    I hate Css in a religious way.
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