Not sure Python is really that much easy !不不

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    Well, once you know well how to code and think, learning is easier 仄‍儭
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    Python , definitely python
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    Python is just easy and sucks a lot. If you can code in C then you can pretty much learn any language you want.
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    @Haxk20 "sucks a lot" ah, here we go, yet another example of mindless Python bashing.
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    @Jakuho or python is just really easy and sucks a lot
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    @RememberMe I at least tried python and i hate its syntax. One more space then needed and your code is fucked up ! And also do we really want to get programming easier and easier ? NOOOOOOOOOO
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    @Haxk20 why not?
    Do you really enjoy reinventing the wheel for the nth time?

    Thats how progress is made in pretty much everything. Making things easier so you can focus on more complex tasks.
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    @Haxk20 Python has its uses. Look at Blender if you want a very good example. Or the humongous suite of Python packages in analysis. Or the very clever tricks like Numba that make Python go surprisingly fast.

    And frankly whitespace based syntax has its advantages. I feel it actually does work better at the higher level Python works at because Python scripts are meant to be much shorter and simpler than heavy C/C++.

    And I say all this as a die-hard C++ guy. C++ + Python/Lua is an OP combo. C++ for the performance critical parts, Python/Lua for the glue logic.

    Any why shouldn't everyday programming be simpler? Nobody's stopping you from doing complex stuff if you want. I refuse to believe that I should have to write a huge complex C/C++ program for stuff like processing a few files or image transforms.
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