So first of all merry delayed Xmas and of course wishing you all a happy new year.


I always loved designing and coding, yes I actually like it, I must be absolutely mental or something.. I finally after pushing myself through hours upon hours of courses, finishing most within 15% of the allotted time, and doing more then was requested, I finally found a job, related to front-end development. You might think "Gee; good for you buddy, you filthy commoner.." Well; it didn't last all too long, I basically after nailing the interview process got my first day there within a few days, now I am absolutely stoked and my nerves are shot, plus the 4 cups of coffee aren't helping. I literally was so nervous to do well on my first day, that I slept for only one hour, literally one bloody hour.

I get into the office where I am greeted by an amazing laptop, I mean high-end gaming 360 no-scope all over the place gaming. I sit down and start on getting all my tools ready to go (they let us use whatever IDE we wanted, which I thought was amazing) after getting my IDE and the plugins and all the emails/Slack etc setup, I then get told to get a Dropbox account. I assumed the Dropbox account was just there to share things quickly with the designers, we would obviously be using Git right?! Well; no not exactly, actually not at all - we all used the Dropbox account of one of the bosses, I swear everybody pushed and pulled stuff all the time, a copy of the boss's passport was in there as well, and they had projects from and up to 3 years ago, still in there... It took my Dropbox 3 bloody hours to grab as much as it could to actually allow me to get started...

I then to my absolute dismay notice that I would be working on a prefab of a prefab, basically the only thing I would be responsible for, is to adjust the animations and aligning elements.... Aligning and animations.... Fine, I guess it could be worse right? Started going along with it, using a framework that I never heard of before, till like a good 3 days before starting there called "Greensock" which is amazing I must admit, could've helped me allot on my solo-projects. Problem was; we had designers who wanted things, that just looked plain horrible, it was never 'on-point' so to say, maybe it's just me being a perfectionist but it just looked wrong.

Finally got it done after struggling with the prefabs and what not, then the day was almost over and I finally got to go home, fortunately dodging the drinking that was occurring around 4 in the afternoon in the middle of the office, it wasn't beers or anything of the sort - but hard liquor along the lines of Wodka and straight up Gin. I fortunately had a personal issue I had to attend too, so I got out of there before things got too crazy and they went out for dinner stumbling all over the place.

Well this wen't for a few more days (minus the drinking), with 8 being the exact number of days and my grievance list only kept growing. I was for one a junior-developer and thus with them knowing was supposed to get training from our lead, however; that never occurred instead said 'lead' would leave early or be completely absent on most days, leaving me to mess around with prefabs that did my head in, with no comments nor any indication what it did or should've done, I spent hours just adjusting one line of code at a time to see what would happen.

Eventually they told us to work from home only, so I did - did a project here and there and then got told they wouldn't keep me on board any longer, stating I was too inexperienced and they didn't have enough work (which was a load of bs) and that I lacked "office experience" whatever the heck that means, I was always sociable and hell I ever cracked people up, kept a neat and orderly list of things that needed doing, I even contrary to most commented on my code, so the next poor sod wouldn't be going through 'try by error' hell that I wen't through.

Either way; I currently have been feeling absolutely wrecked in terms of motivation, that job would've solved my financial situation and allowed me to finally do what I wanted to do. Instead of doing some random dead-end job each week or month, I would've had a steady income and something I could've built on.

But to add some positivism to this endless and too long of a rant... I'm currently going through a boot-camp and doing a small Linux based course on the side, this little thing isn't going to hold me back; yeah it will be tough, but then again most things don't come easy..

Thank you for reading and I hope you have allot and I mean allot more luck on your first job.

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    I wish you good luck! 🙂
    You'll learn alot here on devRant by just googeling what the fine folks are saying.

    If you like to do web animations i would highly recommend to specialize in this field. There are many frontend devs but not so much motion designers. That gives you an advantage. I mean what you can do with the SVG file format is just awesome isn't it? 😃

    Also to know how write copytext that sells is something that will probably be highly beneficial to your career. If it's pitching your project to client or management or just to draft up a website with real delightful copy that makes the client happy. Writing is design. Book:
    The Copywriter's Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide ... - Amazon.com

    Also if want to learn on how to manage the design process I can highly recommend the book "About Face".
    About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design: Alan Cooper ...

    also www.medium.com is an awesome resource to learn anything. I've learned more from www.uxplanet.org than from design school.

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    Thank you so much for your reply! I will definitely check out those resources and keep on trucking, your reply is one of the reasons I love this platform, not only is there understanding but advice I would've never gotten anywhere else.

    Have an amazing start to the new year and thank you once again! =)
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    @CoffeePanda just ask if you curious about something 🙂
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    @heyheni I will, good sir! :)
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    @CoffeeNcode Thank you so much for the warm welcome and the kind words, and right back at ‘ya with the name!

    “coffee the nectar of the Gods”


    I’m really happy to have found Devrant , since I feel like my struggles and those of others are understood here, besides also probably the only community I can make certain programming related jokes and not get sent away to the local mental institution.

    Thank you once again so much, I truly feel allot better.

    Happy new years in advance and let your cup of coffee never be empty. 😁
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