Looking for eReaders. I had one years ago, but I forgot it the first time I left the country and it doesn't work any more. I read near to one hour a working day, so I'm not that heavy of a reader, but I mainly read while standing in the subway and the books I choose are getting too heavy.

Anyone using Kobo readers? I would rather get theirs to Amazon's... but it seems everything is more comfortable using the kindles.

Please, debate :)

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    A cheap Kindle... Around $120... Does all I ever need. If I can't get Amazon to load directly because I'm in another country I can always side load.

    Any other format... You severely limit your selection of available titles
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    My mother has a kobo. Works great, once in a while I grab it to read ebooks I got from humblebundle. She also lend ebooks from the library which works easily as well.
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