Ive reached a point where seeing the telegram logo with the little santa hat makes me so happy that i smile for hours because everything else sucks so much. Can we just burn formal education to the ground and only hire <30yro people as professors?

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    Aw. Are you okay? Also not entirely sure what problems would be solved by hiring only young professors? 🤔
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    @Elyz not really but a phychiatrist (?) would be the proper audience

    Maybe theyd actually update their knowledge and i didnt have to study from their 1999 book.
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    @ganjaman wouldn't be so sure about it 😅 I've had young professors teaching from books that are almost older than themselves. Well, I don't know what the specific problem is, but hang in there. School isn't forever and more importantly, the semester is almost over/is over depending on where you are 😊
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    @ganjaman Idk about for your particular case, but sometimes textbooks are chosen by the department and not the professor, so even if younger professors were hired, it wouldn't do jack shit if they're being forced to use archaic books.
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    I think in a similar way about the current social status quo in 2018.. and have been preparing a Rewind at the level of bitching about everything 2018 for a few days now.. which I guess I'll post tomorrow.. or today, apparently it's already the 31st in here. Not gonna do it just yet though, I need some sleep first and I'm drunk as I usually am in the evening (and contemplating why I can still write proper words and sentences)… Anyway, I feel ya mate. We really do need to overhaul several things in 2019, because 2018's just been complete and utter shit.
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    And maybe the worst is that I don't see things go much better for 2019 (at least with stuff like climate change). :(
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    Anymore, textbooks are a scam. The prof who wrote it makes a minor typographical change, releases it as a new edition, and requires the students to buy the new edition, thus eliminating the ability to purchase an otherwise good textbook that was used in the prior semester.
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    Folks.. the issue isn't textbooks from 1999. The tech stuff that I was studying was basically even a century older, and that's why it was fucking worth studying. Even in a 100 years, you'll have to watch out when your system has a pole in the right half of the Z plane, obviously.

    Why do you waste your time studying shit that will already be outdated and irrelevant by the time you finish your studies? The proper way to acquire that kind of ephemeral knowledge is taking a job and get fucking paid while learning.
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    @iAmNaN then you just download it from LibGen
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    @Fast-Nop exactly. Sadly, too many young developers nowadays think that old = useless. That is just wrong. Learning new shit that will be outdated next year is what they want. Ffs, just get a job.
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