I pranked my friends ex, nothing bad, just fun. First i screen shorted is desktop, flipped it and made it his new desktop. Then flipped the resolution, so my upsideiwn bf was cool. Lastly I change his mouse behavior, I set it for reversed.
Fun right? A typical person might get a lil pussy and have to fix it. Some might even fix it themselves. Regardless have a lil chuckle.
He smashes the monitor and keyboard, left them, both in a pile.

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    When we were still in school some idiot fiddled with the cd department of my group by opening and closing it via hardware.

    We then made him believe he broke it since he didn't know that you can also open it from the OS, so we did that, acted shocked and suprised, multiple times, until he got a teacher to confess he broke a computer :D
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    @MrWouter I agree too, pictures or this shit didn't happen
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    *uses keyboard to navigate as I am too lazy to replace the batteries*
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    Reminds me of the time when certain monitors was devoid of any way to easily tell if they was upside down or not from the front.

    This was a pre-windows prank. :-)
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