"All Tech Projects Run Over Budget"

I was on a nice streak of being calm for a while and then this article just dropped today. Fuck management and fuck whichever dumbass wrote this piece of shit.

Is anyone else pissed off at this? It makes it sound like software engineers are slow and never on time, and the main reason for a project's failure is the inability of programmers to meet deadlines. I find this a little sus, especially as it's written by someone in a management position.

I would argue that projects fail because:

1. Management takes the very feasible timeline given to them and throws it out the window, opting to impose impossible deadlines instead, because FUCK your employees right?

2. Clients have requirements that can't be met (I agree w/ this from the article, but not the part about developers not accounting for issues--I always do this and everyone I know does this)

3. Technical Debt arising from when management tells the software engineers to *just do it this way because it's cheaper*

The calculator they made is nice but it's also quoting estimates that I and everyone I've spoken to agree with, so this is clearly not a software engineer problem, it's a fucking management problem. "Budget" = accounting's job.


That being said, the "take their quote and triple it" part had me dead...

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    While I agree with most of your points, there are problems on both sides of the fence here: namely that software developers tend to be poor at estimating how long tasks will take. This prompted notable developer Joel Spolsky to develop a system to provide better estimates: https://joelonsoftware.com/2007/10/...

    With that said, poor management tends to set impossible timelines or even ask for impossible tasks, and rarely create clear requirements and gain an adequate understanding of the existing challenges (technical debt / legacy code, scheduling conflicts with key stakeholders, etc.).

    But another big issue is sales people. I’ve seen software developers held accountable for missing deadlines. I’ve never seen a sales person held accountable for selling smoke or magic.
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