For a small team (<= 7 people) working on a self-managed Gitlab instance ('Starter' subscription), is it better if each user keeps a fork of the project they work on (working on other branch than master) or have everybody work on the same fork (still, different branches)?

Also, squash commits on branch merging, yes/no and why?

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    I find it easier to work in forks, devs can ruin their fork branch history and merge into a dev/master branch (when code is ready to be pushed upstream) on the fork before merging into a staging branch (for conflicts) in the master repo.

    But each team is different.
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    I think you misunderstood about git.
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    @zotigapo then why don't you explain it?
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    I prefer working with fork.

    - If everyone is working in the same repo you will need to remove branches everytime it they get irrelevant. That is the only reason i wouldn't choose working without forks.
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