If you run a website that generates revenue, do you need to be zoned for business?

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    Guess not since it is already generating revenue?
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    @jespersh had an idea that could make some money, last thing i want is to upset the government lol
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    Where I live in Switzerland you can earn $2000 tax free per year. For everything above you need to launch some sort company and pay taxes. Or you set up a letter box company in Hong Kong or other tax heaven.
    Google it 🙂
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    @heyheni right on, yeah i figured id ask here first 😃
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    @segfault0xff checked up on what zoning is. Never heard of it here in Denmark.
    If you only sell virtual goods, then I suppose you're safe.
    If you're instead transporting lots of goods... Well, don't be surprised someone will get butthurt
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    @segfault0xff a third option would be shell companies that employ you for a fee and they do the payroll for you. They are usually very usefull for freelance gigs since it allows you to bypass the hassle for setting up an own company.
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    @heyheni one man operation, payroll is much simpler then 😄
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    @jespersh no inventory or foot traffic, but I'm not sure how internet business is governed. Could be tricky laws.
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    Here in the UK at least, it doesn’t matter.

    You can implicitly operate as a “sole trader”, but you have to be mindful of at which income threshold you have to start declaring.

    I work from home, through my own limited company, I don’t have to be zoned as I’m not taking the public at the address and I’m not producing anything like food etc - though it’s probably against the terms of the local council or what have you 🤷‍♂️

    As with all things like this, you’d be best seeking professional advice, a lawyer or an accountancy firm will be able to help there.
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