Plans for 2019 are to release two products.

1. A text-based strategy game engine that will act as the core of two or more progressive web applications, using Node.js/Express, EJS, and SCSS. It will be proprietary, subscription-based, and playable 24/7 online or offline as a web site or mobile app with nightly/weekly/monthly events and items (think KoL, on steroids, with butter on top.)

I am currently undecided whether to go with MongoDB, MySQL or PostgreSQL, so any feedback - without derailing the other choices, and understanding that it needs to be minimal at first with the ability to expand to millions of users - would be appreciated.

2. I'm sculpting collectors figurines of guinea pigs, molding, casting and then selling a limited set that are hand-painted by me with a certificate of authenticity, as well as marketing blank versions of each with a choice of three colors (including white, and either red or black for eyes - a total of five) for people to either paint by themselves, family members, or friends.

This will also have a website that allows you to choose the breed and colors (changing the picture according to your choices), as well as allowing people to use it as a social media outlet - as if their own guinea pigs had profiles instead of humans. It's also planned to support rescues worldwide and educate folks about properly caring for cavies.

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    PostgreSQL is the most amazingly powerful open source database! I love it.
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    Mongoose works perfect to connect nodejs and mongodb.

    I like this combination very much.
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    Kingdom of Loathing. Look it up. ;)
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    @JackToolsNet - That's what I'm currently using. However, I'm not convinced about the long-term effectiveness of MongoDB and its document structure.

    Compass seems like a nice touch, however, if it's something different (no tables), why are they making it look like the same thing (tables) within the interface?

    @jeeper - And, that's something I've "toyed with" to get the Atlassian Server suite up and running on my VPS.

    Much like Mongoose does for MongoDB; PostgreSQL and MySQL have similar things you can use for ease-of-use models in a Node.js/Express app.
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