Geez... Got woken up by a catastrophe alert.

Check phone, could be someone shooting up the neighborhood or something else to excuse myself from a social event.

Someone thought that 40 km/h wind and 20 cm of snow are a catastrophe.

Fuck this country.

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    The weather is as good as an excuse as any to not go to a social event.
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    Where do you live?
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    @mt3o South Germany, a little north of the alps.
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    @ilPinguino legitly expected you to say "USA"
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    @RememberMe in USA 40km/h wind is a tornado and it destroys cities ;)
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    @mt3o please excuse me if you meant that in jest and I didn't get it.

    Isn't that like 5 on the Beaufort scale?
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    @RememberMe it's rather 6.
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    @mt3o in South Africa, at least in Cape Town, we call 40km/h winds an afternoon breeze
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    @mt3o @RememberMe It very much depends where you live. California never has breezes over like 15mph. The middle of the country is called "tornado alley" for good reason: tornadoes are very common there, and even the monster ones are only semi-rare.

    They're kind of pretty.
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    @crow22498 the area of the "roaring forties"? 😂
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    Well, using the weather as an excuse to not go somewhere isn't credible for me (I wanted to join the KSK (German Bundeswehr special forces) until I had a motorbike accident that left me limping. The attitude remains though: weather is what makes you pick your clothes, not your activity), so I went (besides, who would neglect an opportunity to get drunk?)

    In related news, I just found out that the mice in our town's subway have their nests below the snack machines in the stations. I never bought that overpriced shit anyway, but now I have another reason not to.
    Wouldn't want to disturb their daily sleep. 😜
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    @ilPinguino well you did say you would have an excuse if it was a shooting somewhere. Tbh weather is a better excuse to me. The shooting is most probably not in a 5km radius otherwise you would have noticed it sooner. And the weather is directly in front of you.
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    @Codex404 I'm a civilian all things considered, so an active shooter in our area is as much an excuse to bunker down for me as it is to everyone else... It's more important to let the cops do their job than to play Rambo and get killed in the process. No one's bulletproof after all.
    The biggest alert I ever received (using the same app) was the Olympia Einkaufszentrum. That was an active shooter situation and our late shift did bunker down in the office (that was 10ish kms (straight line) away from where I work). Nothing happened in our area as the suspect fled into another direction before committing suicide, but still... It was quite the concern.
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    @M1sf3t and probably painfully and ridiculed by the media (either that or put on a pedestal). Still, just the faint idea of being a hero makes people behave like idiots.
    There's a good reason that both cops and soldiers train for a long time before they get sent out to active duty.
    Besides, there's still much respect for those professionals where I live. I guess that's a good thing.
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    @ilPinguino I understand you are a civilian, but I dont see how a shooting at point A would stop people to go to point B. Unless the shooting happened in your street or around a corner.

    20cm of snow would make it impossible to get away so it would be a valid excuse.
    Where the main goal of the shooters is probably causing fear, and giving into it is basically letting them win.

    On the day of the shooting at Zaventem (Brussels Airport) I had to get past it (like 6 km distance) to visit a friend. That didnt stop me.
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    @Codex404 I meant a shooting in my street (or immediate area. Hence neighborhood).
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    @ilPinguino in my first comment I explained that if you had to notice from a phone alert it really cannot be in your street or neighborhood otherwise the sirens and shooting would have given it away.
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    Well, that could be worse. In my city the goverment puts orange alert when it rains. That may sound ridiculous, until a simple and weak rain turns inmediately into a hailstorm with two inches ice balls 😱 and 10 minutes later, a happy and sunny day, with broken windows everywhere 😂
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    @ElizadeathRaven Stop angering the frost mages!
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