This would have been very cool 🤔

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    Happend with me also
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    @faptain what is wrong with your screen?
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    That's torvalds isn't it?
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    @BadFox it's a old samsung, screen flickers often, so i used an eyesaver app to create a black layer, which works always and enables current to be present in screen all the time, this reduces the flickers. It only ruins the screenshots, but not the normal display.
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    @faptain If you have XPosed installed (or don't mind doing it), I recommend the mod "Screen Filter"*, that gives you a bar and an on/off button above your notifications. So you can turn it off, take a screenshot, turn it on. I do that all the time.
    *Not to be confused by the app with the same name by the same developer that is in the Google Play Store, that one is for users without root/XPosed and doesn't have that feature.
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    @cursee That's nothing, I just got a ++ from hell.
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    @faptain huh, nice.
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