Years ago I was an application developer at a medium sized corporation and was also responsible for support for an HR department. This occurred early one morning shortly after I arrived at work.

User: My app doesn't work.
Me: What's wrong with it?
User: I just get a blank screen.
Me: A blank screen? What happens when you hit a key?
User: Nothing.
Me: Do any apps work?
User: No, I just get a blank screen.
Me: Is your monitor on?
User: Yes, I turned it on.

This type of witty banter went on for several minutes when the answer suddenly hit me.

Me: Is your computer turned on?
User: Do I need to turn it on?
Me: Did you turn it off before you went home last night?
User: Yes.
Me: And do you normally turn it on in the morning when you come in?
User: Yes.
Me: Then why didn't you turn it on this morning when you came in?
User: I didn't know I needed to.

It was at this point I heard the programmer over the cubicle wall from me burst out laughing. He had been listening to the conversation and couldn't take it anymore.

The really sad part is that this was not an isolated incident. This kind of stuff occurred on a semi-regular basis with this individual's department.

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    hahah xD yeah that happens a lot in the IT world...
    Ohhh and welcome to DevRant!! Good starting rant ;)
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    @Letmecode sorry.. people ARE that stupid.

    I worked with IT for 7 years... and people lack the most basic common sense that even toddlers have 😂
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    @Letmecode I had a similar case where someone asked me for help because he was unable to print a document on his wifi printer while the problem was simply that it was not turned on
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    I can scarcely believe this level of cluelessness. I mean, back when I was too clueless to make stuff work on my machine, I didn't know who or how to ask for help. Once I understood enough to know what to ask, I also realized my problem. Usually "turn it off and on again" was the winner :D
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    @joaonunes are you serious ? is it happening on a regular basis in IT world ? if yes, and you're not joking, my next question is : how these people get a job in IT ?
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    @kostre nooo xD I mean the people working on the IT business usually find costumers like the one described above
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    #facepalm wow.
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    @r-gobel Nut loose between keyboard and chair.
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