Seeing the US pay for IT people compared to UK and damn the difference is insane. Given the UK healthcare is free, I wouldn't see its usage until old age, and the costs of US vary greatly but most places US pays a lot. For e.g. Airbnb in US pays graduate IT people 200k USD starting while the highest I've seen for IT people in London is 46k GBP, which even after conversion is waay less, and the tax amount if about the same if not more in UK. Maybe I'm wrong but this is what I've seen, maybe I should consider moving to the states :/.

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    Just don’t forget to look into cost of living in the places where devs get paid those salaries. Even people in the States forget to look into the difference before relocating and are sometimes caught off guard.
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    @AmyShackles yeah, for sure. @pandasama if you’re talking Silicon Valley where a lot of this high pay is, expect to pay ~$2,500/month for a small studio/1BR apartment unless you want a long commute.
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    @blockchaintacos You are completely right. Also need to define what a long commute is. That differs greatly from people to people.

    (Personal opinion but I'd rather stay in the EU than move in the US.)
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    Just wanted to add in the US cuisine as counter argument, but I see that you're from UK... ;-)
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    Get a remote job working for a US company it's what I did. I'm currently 21 living in the UK for an Amazon APN as devops, with no background except what I've learnt in my own time currently pulling in around £50k/pa not including any bug bounties I do in my spare time.
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    @Mushyyy that sounds pretty cool! And damn Amazon, thats a really good company too! I didn't know they'd allow that, I thought big companies would just tell you to apply to the UK office and get paid less or something
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