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    I'm not just the spokesman for Hair Club for Men. I'm also a client.
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    How did he cultivate the hair?
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    @Paradox apparently money can do miracles lol
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    @kindacoder I wonder if he ever considered investing in the hair transplant business... At least he could have come with this before and after pix and could have claimed that he finally invested on something that actually works...
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    Well, it surely won't make one as popular as one can become by leading an automotive brand. :v
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    > "Finally invested on[sic] something that actually works"

    So apparently...
    ¤ Tesla doesn't work
    ¤ SpaceX doesn't work
    ¤ PayPal doesn't work
    ¤ Hyperloop doesn't work
    ¤ Flamethrower doesn't work
    ¤ Mud lego bricks don't work
    ¤ Weed doesn't work

    Which "failed" venture(s) are you referring to?
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    @gudishvibes The Boring Company's tunnel could currently be considered a failed project though :/
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    @gudishvibes @PrivateGER concept is definitely sound, though.
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    @hash-table they say what's on his head currently is transplanted pubic follicles
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