Are there any real trusted and with an anonymity level of Elite, proxies out there or do I have to make my own?

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    Nope. Use a vpn instead.
    A lot of proxy’s will forward the forwardX header which contains your real IP
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    Set up your own if you really want to be safe. VPN are only as good as the company running it.
    Otherwise, you might consider a creeper box that connects to a public or corporate WiFi net. Should be trivial to set up, but costs money and its work to set up.
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    @ilPinguino 'setup your own' is more complicated than it sounds, legally seen. Where are you going to be hosting? Can hosting me traced back to you? etc
    NordVPN did an audit a month or two ago, by a trusted third party auditor.
    While they still could have paid said company to say whatever they want, it's the best shot we have so far besides tor and similar IMO
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