Not a rant, just my thoughts :)
At November and October of last year I was very frustrated with everything - everything was annoying me and I was bored even with coding. I needed a break and do something different - go somewhere.

So we decided with friends that we will go to Georgia to spent there New Year Eve. Right now I'm coming back from airport by bus to my city aftertrip but can't sleep because I'm energized as fuck! Whole week without internet (sometimes we got open wifi to check buses or maps), without local sim card, without roaming, just our group and good attitude. We visited almost whole north of Georgia riding in taxis, marshrutka, even autostop, and it was fucking awesome.

So, when you are exhausted, take a break and regenerate your baterries, work is not everything! Just wanted to share this with you :) Can't wait to go to work in monday to write some code :) Life is beautiful!

On photo - my friend takes photo of Kazbek Mountain :)

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    This looked like a screenshot from Ring of Elysium
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    I know exactly how your situation feels like. (This summer vacation of mine was the best I have ever had. Lots of historical tours and sport in form of paragliding, swimming, horse riding etc.)
    I wish you all the best. Enjoy it to the fullest! :)
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    Oh, THAT Georgia.
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    I didn't go to Georgia, but stayed at home and didn't open my laptop. Didn't read any tech news or magazines or anything. Cleaned up my room (it was a mess) and visited some relatives.
    Just that was refreshing for me.
    (and started exercising)
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