I opened my laptop every day this holiday, always with the intention of learning something, contributing somewhere, doing something. I think the closest I got was to start a VM and open my editor and read some comments (I opened and closed some files too!).

I have done nothing the holiday except bing Netflix and put another 100 or so hours on Steam. Oh and Christmas dinner sandwiches, which as I right this reminds me the oh thing was worth it just for those...

Long and short of it is I think I'm in a slump, my output over the last couple months started dwindling and I thought a couple of weeks (16 days to be more accurate) would help, but it didn't. I'm back at work tomorrow and I'm just not feeling it.

I don't think there is anyone answer but has anyone got any experience of getting out of this feeling of "being done"? I already tried watching Rocky... Just made me see Dulph Lundgren every time my screen wakes up! Wallpaper of the dude probably doesn't help...

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    My motivation is below zero at the moment. Hope time heals
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    A lack of urgency and fear makes me unproductive or even depressed when I'm trying to work on something
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    Two years ago I installed Linux on my machine deleting Windows forever. I did this for one main reason: don't be distracted.
    I always did as you did in this context because I had the same distractions: tv series and videogames. So I just stopped in a very drastic way.
    No Facebook, no Netflix, no Steam.
    Only CS and coding, and still I think ot was one of my best decisions.

    Obviously I'm not as strict as it seems here. I do watch movies and series, but I rediscovered reading books.

    It was drastic, I know, but it kinda worked for me.
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    Sounds like a perfect holiday to me. I managed to spend hours on a personal project. And a lot of that was wasted on some python syntax fuckery.
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    Your brain is trying to tell you something... looks like you are tired or worse... Respect your brain, it's your better asset 🙂
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